Alveo, a contraction of the Italian alveare, meaning “beehive,” is an homage to this architectural structure, composed of numerous hexagons, creating the “nest” upon which all bees are reliant. Alveo also is a recognition of the tight-knit society and the protective nature of bees. Within each hexagon lie honey-drenched larvae in their nurturing amniotic fluid. These larvae, however, are humans – giving a direct correlation between the social similarities of humans and bees.
Alveo fluidly combines the organic and structured nature of the society in which bees inhabit, as well as creating a parallel between this life and humanity. Humans begin their lives inside a womb, similar to the honeycomb in which larvae inhabit, and operate individually as well as contributing to the success and well being of humanity at large. Every time this multi-panel work is installed it can be constructed in a unique shape dictated by the site and depending on how the hexagons are connected similar to how a beehive grows around its supporting structure. 

  • ALVEO Series