• Tehom is found in the opening verses of the Book of Genesis and is believed to come from the Sumerian word Tiamat, the name given to the Salt Water, and means "The Mother of All Life", (Ti = Life, Ama = Mother).

    This aquatic inspired work, incorporates heavenly deep waters bursting with life, hellish dark spirals of humanity propelled with grace and tension, floating forms, sirens breaking the surface, and a rich organism reaching out to make contact and touch the viewer.

    It took over two months working in various pools with a several small groups of volunteer models to gather thousands of images that were needed to complete the work.  In this large amniotic landscape there are more than 500,000 bodies and the project took over two years to complete. Tehom is a multi-paneled installation measuring 12’ tall and 48’ long.

  • TEHOM Series